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Wellness and a holistic, healthy way of life is embedded in the earth at The Brooklet

The first thing you notice when you arrive is the fresh country air, the silence and the sense of freedom when you look over the vast hinterland. The feeling of oneness arises and you begin to feel calm and connected.

outdoor shower

The 25 Metre Mineral Pool

The Brooklet felt complete when the extraordinary 25 metre tiled mineral pool was designed and built. It resides effortlessly on top of the hill overlooking the magnificent hinterland, creating the feeling you are floating in nature. Surrounded by Italian travertine tiles and lush green grass there are many places to retreat, under a shady umbrella or tree to read a book or take a swim in the cool water. Start your day with laps, or in the cooler months is the perfect place to take your cold plunge after the hot tub or infrared sauna.

Hot Tub, Ice Bath and Rainwater Shower

A bath house must be outside when there is so much natural beauty around! The magnesium hot tub, ice bath and rainwater shower overlook The Pool, where you feel you are at one with the elements and all senses are elevated while you soak in the warm magnesium water and surrender to just being in the moment.

Infrared Sauna

A hand-built western red Canadian cedar infrared sauna resides in The Barn and overlooks The Pool and hinterland. A very special place to reflect, sweat it out and detox. A vital part of The Brooklet, creating wellness and balance.

The Infrared Sauna, Hot Tub, Rainwater Shower and Ice Bath are all part of a journey to connect, revitalise and induce deep relaxation.

Tennis Court

Endorphins and competition collide on The Brooklet Tennis Court!
Often resulting in laughter and great, fun memories. Whether you are a novice, serious player or just want a good workout, a game is the perfect thing to do, and we provide everything you need! After the game you can cool off in the pool or soak tired muscles in the hot tub.
doubles tennis


The Brooklet Gymnasium is the perfect place to get the endorphins up, sweat it out and serotonin flowing! The Gymnasium is located on top of the ridge line, allowing you to work out with a view. State of the art machines and equipment are available for guests and a personal trainer can be organised if needed.

A perfect way to complete your work out is to continue sweating it out in the infrared sauna to relax your muscles or take an ice bath to assist with inflammation and boost your mood.


- Concept 2 Rower
- Concept 2 Bike
- Concept 2 SkiErg
- Free Weights
- Smith Machine
- Squat Rack
- Kettle Bells
- Sonos Speaker

Ice Bath

It was important to include all types of therapy at The Brooklet and people have been using cold-water immersion for health and wellness for centuries.

Taking an ice bath as part of your health routine is a perfect way to reduce inflammation, activate the nervous system and elevate your mind.
massage room

Treatment Room

The moment you walk into our treatment room you feel like you will transcend to another place. Calming white-washed walls, handmade terracotta tiles, plush therapy bed, candlelight and the subtle scent of essential oils induces deep relaxation.

Relax the hours away with a massage, facial, reflexology and more. After your treatment, you can sit on the lounge in The Barn and sip a warm cup of herbal tea or cool filtered water to bring you back to earth.
massage oil

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